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You don’t have to be ready for autumn to end if you are not prepared in any way. Winter is coming. This is particularly true on the East Coast, where fall lasts about.2 seconds in New Jersey. Our best defense against the chill is our clothing.

It’s true, and cold weather can be a fashion blessing. There are many options for styling with various styles of hats and scarves. It is important to create fashionable looks that keep you busy.

Accept Seasonal Colors

Rich shades of green are more specifically what we need. InStyle Cindy Conroy, a celebrity stylist, says she is “giddy” about the idea of wearing an emerald-green showstopper in the coming season.

How will she style the shade? “A mini dress is all I need. All that Kapow, I want it to be tamed with a soft suede boot over the knee and a wool beret for the cherry on top.

For statement coats, lightweight swap jackets

Conroy said that she was more than ready to wear a dramatic coat in cold weather.

“I bought this stunning faux fur pink for myself last year. It’s extremely runway-worthy and fun. She tells InStyle, “I swear I’ll be wearing it until I’m 90.” It makes me feel like Barbie, with its silky slip dress, black leather gloves and vintage clutch.

Mix and match shades

Bryn Taylor suggests that you do this subtly. According to Bryn Taylor, the founder and personal stylist of Ouisa clothing, “Black and chocolate brown is my favorite color combination.” I’m looking forward to a chunky, large-sized brown sweater and my Ouisa Black leggings. The combination of the two colors elevates the look, while the leggings and chunky knits keep it comfortable. To keep the tonal effect, I will finish the look by adding Western boots in taupe suede.

Highlight Your Base Layers

Taylor said that she would no longer wear a turtleneck in winter 2021 as a base layer. She’ll instead be riding the minimalist wave and make the turtleneck the main focus of her outfit.

Taylor states that the Ouisa mock neck is my current favorite. It is made from a stretch-rib knit that doesn’t lose its shape. I will style it with high-waisted jeans that are relaxed in fit and a slim boot from the ’90s.

Take a look at history for style inspiration.

Mickey Freeman, a celebrity stylist, says that although the military trend is constant throughout the year, it can be more specific to one period. This can look a unique twist.

Freeman says, “For example, referencing WW2 Fashion with pieces, such as a modernized shearling jacket or a double-breasted leather trench coat with golden buttons, paired alongside a luxe cashmere Turtleneck and premium Blue Denim pants.” To add a touch of toughness, finish the look with long leather gloves, long-line combat boots, or knee-high heeled boots. To add dramatic flair, don’t forget to wear a beret or oversized scarf.

Rock a Power Suit

Freeman wants readers to know that Savile Row’s laser-sharp tailored tailoring will not be reserved for menswear in 2021.

He says, “Whether you’re wearing a silk T-shirt, crisp collared shirt, trainers, or high-heeled pumps, the center of this look is the overall fit.” It’s also a good idea to use understated accessories as it keeps the suit at the center of attention.

Get out your Sweater Dresses

InStyle’s exclusive interview, Joanna Angeles, head stylist at stated that sweater dresses are and will continue to be a classic winter fashion staple. Angeles recommends that you grab your favorite sweater dress (the Mariah Mockneck Ruched Sweaterdress is my personal favorite) and add “sheer printed tights, black knee high leather boots and a long trench coat to mix classic and modern styles.”

Choose a straight-leg bottom.

Angeles says the leather cut is becoming a staple piece for every wardrobe.

Pair them with a turtleneck top, letterman jacket, chunky sole boots, or a beanie for added warmth.

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