Let’s face it, and most people have clothes that they haven’t worn in years. Instead of holding on to these items and waiting for the day when you want them again, you could donate them. You can find many amazing places to donate clothes that will help you organize your wardrobe and give back to someone in need.

Many charities focus on different needs. We’ve listed six places where you can donate formal wear, coats and dresses.

Dress for Success

Dress for Success provides professional attire to women in need. This organization helps them succeed in both their personal and professional lives. The receivers can wear the outfits to work interviews and business meetings. It is not about just donating clothes. This gives women the confidence to dress up for work in whatever way they like, without worrying about the cost.

To find out where clothing can be donated to Dress for Success, check out this list of local affiliates.


You will often find Goodwill bins or donation drives in different areas during the holiday season. It is easy to give to Goodwill. Gather your clothes and box them up. Then, take the box to Goodwill. These items can then be sold, and the funds raised will go towards employment training and job placement in your community.

Salvation Army

Donated clothing, shoes, and accessories are sold at Salvation Army’s local thrift shops. These sales help fund the organization’s Adult Rehabilitation Centers, which help those suffering from addiction.

American Red Cross

Through a partnership with GreenDrop, the American Red Cross collects clothing. You can bring your donation to certain locations or schedule an at-home pickup. The money raised by the American Red Cross goes to disaster relief programs.

One warm coat

One Warm Coat’s mission, which is to ensure that all people, children and adults alike, can bundle up in the winter, is simple. It is possible to help by donating money — each $1 will warm one person. However, the organization also accepts coats from individuals, retailers and organizations. Drop off your outerwear at a local non-profit or host your drive.

Farfetch Donation

Farfetch offers a Clean Out Kit. Fill it with gently used clothing and then return the package to Farfetch. Farfetch will sell your unwanted clothes before donating the money to charity. Farfetch will only require a minimum of 50% donation if you want to receive a treat. The rest of the funds may be used to purchase a gift certificate.

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