It’s been another year, so it’s time for us to begin planning our vision boards. Let’s first discuss the 2023 fashion trends experts believe they will dominate our wardrobes. We know that we can start shopping for airy styles – think lace, tulle, or ruffles – but what about other styles?

We spoke to stylists, fashion bloggers, and designers about their predictions for the fashion trends in 2023. We were thorough and asked them about the trends that they believe will die.

According to experts, the theme for the next year was to embrace your own style. These trends are fun to take part in, but only if they can be made your own. “I believe people are becoming more comfortable pushing the boundaries,” Kendall Rayburn, fashion designer, tells Glamour. “Fashion is becoming more expressive in self-expression.”

Let’s get to it! Here are the top 2023 fashion trends, according to experts.

– Oversized Everything

Rayburn believes Gen Z has eliminated the skinny jean completely from their wardrobes. Rayburn believes that the trend for oversized blazers and extra-large shirts will continue to grow, as the TikTok For You page shows every other day. We look forward to 2023, when we embrace flared bottoms, wide-leg jeans, and other wide-leg styles.

– Corsets and Corsets

Katia Barros is the cofounder of and fashion brand Farm Rio. She says that corsets from Victorian-era times aren’t going away. This trend was recently seen in celebrities like Bella Hadid, Kim Kardashian, and Bella Hadid. It is expected to continue next year. Glamour: “We love the tight-to-the-body, smocked Corset dresses with that sexy but cool look,” Barros says.

– Sheer Fabrics

Rayburn and fashion stylist Audree Kate Lopez agree that Sheer fabric is in vogue. She tells Glam that she saw a lot more of this in 2022 and will keep it up in 2023 with the lace trend and rhinestones in clothing. This means layers, both on top as well as underneath. You need to ask yourself if you are ready for a peekaboo bra moment.

– Cutouts

Barros believes that the cutout trend will be around for a while, regardless of how you feel about it. This controversial trend will be more prominent in 2023, whether it’s a keyhole on the shirt’s front or a dramatic waist.

– Minidresses & Skirts

Rayburn believes that the end of the maxidress is near. Rayburn predicts shorter hems will dominate fashion next year. She says that minidresses and tailored skirts will be more popular next year. This means micro mini skirts will be back with a vengeance.

– A Y2K Revival

In 2022, cargo pants and low-rise jeans will be a popular choices. Eunjoo Kim, Brixton women’s design director, says that we will see a sharp decline in high-rise jeans as well as an increase in low-rise pants in slouchier, baggier styles.

Janina Neoral and Sir Bucks of TikTok, a.k.a. @thefashioncouple, agree with this prediction. They say that the early-aughts revival won’t go away. They predict that double pieces of the denim will be back (think Justin Timberlake’s matching Canadian tuxedos at VMAs). They also believe that feather trim, a la Paris Hilton, will resurface.

– Military-Inspired Looks

“Thanks to Bella Hadid, we saw searches for cargo trousers increase,” says Taylor Okata, creative director and stylist. They were also on display at Diesel and Coperni’s spring 2023 runways. We expect to see them more often on the streets. Kim concurs, anticipating that styles will move beyond utility and workwear trends to include more military details and colors in surplus basic pieces.

– Cowboy Cosplay

It’s Lil Nas X’s influence. Kim predicts that western fashion trends, such as cowboy boots and wide-brimmed hats, will be big. Even if you only buy one piece, such as a vintage belt buckle, or Emily Ratajkowski boots, it is easy to integrate this style into your existing outfit.

– Ballerinas

Okata says that while we may not all be able to do pirouettes and chasses, Miu Miu will make ballet-core a mainstream topic in 2023. Marina Larroude is the cofounder and chief operating officer of Larroude. She tells Glamour that we sold out of our best-selling Blair Ballet Flat within two weeks. It’s clear that this trend will continue to be popular for some time.

– The Revenge Heel

Lopez claims the kitten heel and revenge (a.k.a. Lopez says the kitten heel is out, and the revenge (a.k.a. platform) heel is in. This trend is already taking off, with Charli d’Amelio as well as Selena Gomez displaying Larroude’s platform shoes. Larroude agrees with this trend, saying that platforms are “the new shoes to own.”

– Wednesday Addams

Okata says, “I’m here to see the grunge 2.0” of it all-a, refined grunge. This can be taken from the 2023 collections in many ways, including Bottega’s plaid and Miu Miu looks to Bottega.

Lopez believes that punk and gothic dressing will continue to be a major fashion trend in 2023. For anyone who wants to be part of the trend, Lopez suggests that you look for lace and leather, chunky boots with silver jewelry, sheer clothing, and lace. Lopez suggests that alt-punk is not your usual style. However, you can incorporate these “tougher” elements into your wardrobe by mixing them with romantic lace and florals or even disco shimmer details.

– ’90s Revival

The early aughts may be having a moment, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still enjoy fashion’s past. Lopez and Larroude both predict that the ’90s silhouettes are coming back. Think column dresses and skirts with Matrix-inspired and vintage-inspired details.

– Disco Diva

Shiny rhinestones and glitter in abundance, as well as sparkly sequins and metallics, are all making a comeback to ’80s Glamour. Lopez states that she is a huge fan of maximalist styling and grandma glamour. “I love the current trends in feathers, strong shoulder silhouettes, and fringe, and I’m excited to see them continue to grow in 2023.”

– Maximalism

Okata states that style will no longer be about a minimalistic, clean-girl aesthetic. It will instead be more about having fun with boundaries and having fun. Expect a more minimalist style with Y2K and ’90s references. People are seeking to feel more empowered and express themselves in the current climate.

Next year will be about being yourself and expressing your individuality. Fashion can be anything you want.

Fashion Couples agree that the next season is about daring to be different. Experts say that as time passes, it is evident that people feel more confident about what they wear. The fashion world is full of trendy trends, but it’s also very versatile. We believe that people will dare to do things differently and go beyond their normal routines.

Barros agrees with this view and says that fashion in 2023 will be all about having fun. “In 2023, the vibe will have to be creative, adventurous, but most importantly, fun.” Everybody’s wardrobe will have to contain colorful clothes, bold shapes, and fun prints.

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