Life after retirement can be both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. On the one hand, you’re excited about your newfound freedom after you’ve stopped work after so many years, and after letting go of many other responsibilities. Conversely, it can be a little disconcerting to think about what you’ll do with all of your spare time. Since work is an essential and significant part of our lives, it is natural to be nervous or unsure about your life after retirement, but retirement is an interesting phase of our lives that gives us new opportunities for relaxation, socialisation and pursuing other interests.

You may be realising that the usual living arrangement that worked while you raised a family and worked from nine to five may no longer be necessary. Hence, choosing the ideal living arrangement for you right now is an important part of retirement preparation. Making the right choice can be a difficult decision because there are so many options that are now available to seniors in Australia. Then again, we are lucky to have so many options!

The key to simplifying this decision is thinking about choosing the type of living arrangement that best suits your lifestyle and physical needs going forward. While many retirees prefer to continue living in their family homes, others find that the social and engaging environment of retirement villages on the North Shore helps them make the most of their retirement due to the wide range of activities and services on offer.

So how do you know which is better for you? Do you stay in your family home or move to a retirement village? It all comes down to taking some time to examine your lifestyle and priorities. How do you want to spend your golden years? Do you want to join new clubs and make new friends? Or are you happy with your life as it is now? To help you figure it out, in this post, we will discuss the process of choosing the best living arrangement for your post-retirement.

Determine Your Preferences and Lifestyle

Before considering retirement arrangements, you should consider your lifestyle and personal preferences. If you do want to let go of the family home and opt for a retirement village, take into consideration the location, the climate, the recreational facilities and amenities and access to essential services and healthcare facilities they offer. Or if you are thinking of staying in your home, now that you have more time to take up new hobbies, exercise and socialise, does your home give you good access to those things?  

Considering access to your family and friends is also a major factor to bear in mind since one of the biggest joys of retired life is the freedom and time to socialise and spend time with your loved ones. Hence, defining your priorities while deciding will help you pick a retirement lifestyle that meets your needs and desires.

What About Maintenance?

Living in your own house has many advantages, but it also requires a lot of maintenance and upkeep work like cleaning, gardening and lawn mowing. Perhaps you are fed up with the chores and also find the upkeep a little harder as you are moving into your more senior years. Maybe your love your garden but would be happy to scale back to a courtyard or something smaller. Moving to a retirement community can help give you the freedom from these mundane and time-consuming chores, and you can spend your time doing other things that interest you.

Research the Different Options Available

Retirement villages assisted living facilities and nursing homes are all options for seniors looking to move out of their homes. Before you go ahead, it is important to understand the differences between these living arrangements so that you can make an informed decision. 

  • Retirement Villages: provide an active and carefree lifestyle, with the level of social connection that suits you.
  • Assisted living: offers all the above but with additional help with daily activities.
  • Individuals in nursing homes: are usually for people who need medical treatment and attention. 

While doing some further research for these options, you will also get a fair idea of your daily routine and lifestyle in each place. 

You can also plan a visit to a few of the retirement communities after you’ve narrowed down your options. Take a tour of the facilities and talk to the staff and the residents. Also, note the cleanliness, safety precautions and amenities they offer.

Some Final Thoughts

Remember that retirement is a chance to live a fulfilling and joyful life. So take the time to look for a living arrangement that aligns with your lifestyle and personal requirements. It might be time for a change! With careful consideration and planning, you can confidently begin this new chapter of your life and look forward to the future. There are still so many wonderful memories to be made.

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