Australia offers some of the best surfing beaches in the world, but for newbies trying to find their footing, there are a lot of challenges. From rip tides to towering waves and overly crowded breaks, stepping into the water can be intimidating. Thankfully, there are plenty of beautiful beaches all over Australia, with gentler vibes that are ideal for learners. 

Start at any of the following beaches to build your confidence and nurture your love for this addictive sport. 

1. Ocean Grove Beach, Victoria

If you’re keen on having easy access to gentle waves that are perfect for beginners, it may be time to start looking at display homes in Ocean Grove. This lush Victorian suburb is nestled right on Ocean Grove Beach, where you’ll find easy waves that never get too crowded. 

While professional surfers are out fighting for the big breaks around Bell’s Beach, you can enjoy the protection of the headland, which shelters Ocean Grove Beach from those intense south-westerly winds. 

2. Tathra Beach, New South Wales

Tathra Beach enjoys shelter from the southerly winds, making it a great little surf spot. With around 3 km of shoreline, it’s generally easy to find a quiet spot. Keep in mind that the swells tend to get larger at the southern end of the beach. While you’re out waiting for the right wave, keep an eye out for migrating whales as they’re often visible from the shoreline. 

3. Middleton Beach, South Australia

You may have heard your more experienced friends talk about the Waitpinga and Parsons Beach breaks in South Australia. While these waves are far too intense for beginners, that doesn’t mean you’re out of options in South Australia. Around half an hour’s drive east of Parsons Beach, you’ll find the gentle expanse of Middleton Beach. 


If you’re looking for consistency in the breaks, Middleton Beach will deliver. The long, easy rides are perfect for beginners as you have the space to find your balance and get comfortable on the board. This surf spot is particularly good for those prone to getting flustered and overthinking the process of catching a wave. You’ll have the time and space to keep calm and enjoy yourself. 

4. Trigg Beach, Western Australia

If you’re a newbie surfer exploring the west coast of Australia, you might be put off by the incredible but intimidating breaks in spots like Margaret River. However, that doesn’t mean you need to pack your board away for good. Trigg Beach is a magic spot for beginner surfers as the swell is softened by Rottnest Island. This leaves you with small, consistent waves that are ideal for finding your feet. For this reason, you’ll also find a lot of surf schools camped up around Trigg Beach

5. Dicky Beach, Queensland

Dicky Beach is an excellent spot for beginners, especially if you’ll have your family along with you. You’ll find plenty of surf instructors in the area if you want some professional tutelage, and the long stretch of coastline creates smooth waves that are generally around the 1.2-metre mark, making them beautiful for beginners. The Dicky Beach Surf Life Saving Club is right there to keep you safe, and if you have kids, you may wish to sign them up for Nippers. 

These beaches are some of our favourite easy surf spots in Australia. However, they’re only the beginning. Get out and start exploring this beautiful country, and you’re sure to discover dozens of idyllic surf spots to add to your growing list. 

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