To establish a good work/life balance, it’s essential to be able to genuinely clock off at the end of each day. This means fully letting go of work-related thoughts and concerns so you can truly enjoy the activities you do outside of your responsibilities. Here are five tips for establishing that elusive work/life balance;

  1. Find Support Structures To Alleviate The Pressure

Whether you are self-employed or trying to strike a good work/life balance within a position in a company, establishing support structures will pave the way for efficient processes. In turn, this will help you reduce the time it takes to complete your work. 

If you are self-employed, avoid the hassle of setting up a workplace by utilizing the best serviced office in your area. This gives you a professional business address, receptionist services, and meeting rooms whenever you need them.

  1. Develop A Good Routine

Flexibility is great, but sometimes you have to be the one to set down some rules for yourself. Doing so will make it easier to be productive and stay on top of your work. And the more productive you are at work, the more free time you can have. 

A great first step is to have a dedicated place that you use for work only. This could be a separate room or even just a desk in a certain area of your home. You should also aim to start work at the same time every day, regardless of external factors.

  1. Set Reasonable Work Boundaries/Hours

Work hours are becoming more flexible in the modern world. However, this flexibility can lead to more work, not less, if you’re not careful. So, you must manage your schedule like a boss! 

Set reasonable boundaries around work hours, and have a cut-off time for tasks, communication with colleagues, bosses, and clients. Schedule downtime into your routine so that your body and your brain learn when it’s time to relax and when it’s time to focus and be productive. 

  1. Learn How To Schedule Your Workload 

Another aspect of managing your schedule involves knowing how to juggle tasks. Can you have a fulfilling vacation with a to-do list that stretches into the middle of next week? Absolutely. Before you have your time away, handle the time-consuming tasks that require your full attention. Leave the easy jobs, like sending emails, for your vacation. That way, you can have a working holiday, remain productive, take zero official holiday days, and still enjoy a reasonably relaxing break. 

  1. Use Time Off Wisely

When the eight-hour workday was introduced, the idea behind it was that employees could spend eight hours working, eight hours enjoying leisure activities, and eight hours per day sleeping. The reality hasn’t quite worked out that way. The eight hours that are theoretically dedicated to leisure activities are often spent preparing for work, commuting, getting ready for the next day, preparing meals, and performing self-care like bathing and grooming. 

If you want to enjoy hobbies and activities, you have to set the time for yourself. If you haven’t booked your Muay Thai class or scheduled your massage, you will likely default to watching TV or scrolling through social media. 

Put the above measures in place, and you’ll be in a good position to be as productive as you can be at work. This should give you a feeling of safety, enabling you to let go and enjoy time away from your desk. Rest well so that you can work well and have the energy you need to enjoy fulfilling hobbies and social activities.

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