Live shows offer audiences the chance to hear music live, not just through digital media. This doesn’t mean that you can perform standard sets on stage and still wow audiences. They’re just starving for authentic in-person experiences. It could make the difference between winning or losing listeners if you put in the effort to make your live shows memorable, unpredictable, and compelling. These are three ways to inject excitement into live shows.

Partner up with an artist to focus on visual accompaniment.

It is possible to make your music’s visual elements stand out by working with an artist. This goes beyond album art and shows posters. Experienced artists can bring a compelling visual element to live shows through lighting, projections and costumes. Although you may not be able to afford an artist, you can focus on creating visual elements for your show. However, your results will likely be less strong than if you worked with an expert. Bands are increasingly incorporating production values normally associated with major musicians. You can achieve great results by focusing your energy on the visual elements of your shows.

Try something new

It doesn’t matter if it’s a new song or video, but revealing something new can make live shows more memorable. While most artists keep big debuts to social media, building excitement for a show can be done by telling your fans something will be revealed or performed at the show. You can live stream the announcement or signing of the new item if it is significant.

You can also add timed surprises.

Surprises like a surprise burst or unexpected musical guest can make your performance memorable and leave your audience stunned. Your set should have elements of carefully timed surprises that tie in with it. These can be visual or musical, but they can also be both. These could be things that occur at emotionally charged points in your songs or throughout your performance. It would be best to be completely transparent with the venue where you are performing. While some venues are fine with fog machines or confetti, others have strict guidelines. Ask permission before you do. Surprises are a common way for audiences to connect. Every venue is different.

Band practice is often viewed as a strictly musical endeavour. However, allowing for creativity, risk and newness in your performances can add a new energy level to your shows.

Interact with the crowd at all possible moments

Making your audience feel important and cared for instead of just objects in the crowd should be the first thing on your mind. After all, they’re the main reason you’re onstage in the first place. They care deeply about your art and success, so they care deeply in return about their happiness.

Between songs, take the time to give a funny anecdote from touring or say something about the city in which you’re playing. If you’re a native, play up your love and loyalty. If it’s your first time there, talk about something awesome you learned about it. Perhaps most importantly, allow your audience to respond to you. It can be something as obvious as asking how everyone’s doing or something as mundane as asking where to get the best cheesesteak in Philadelphia. If someone in the crowd is going particularly crazy, single them out and make their night while simultaneously giving everyone else a good laugh.

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