It’s so much more enjoyable when we all achieve the same goal. It’s easy to feel that the odds are against you when you’re trying to build a career as a musician. From speaking with 40+ industry professionals, I learned that we are all more connected than we realize.

Working together is the best way to make our careers successful. These are three simple steps you can take to get started.

A Show for Others

Many people ask me how I can get more shows. It’s easy to understand. The one rule that works every time is to put on shows for others. This does not mean just booking a show for friends. You can create something more than just a gig. Are there people you can invite to get involved? Do you know people who would like to be involved in something new? Consider what you can offer others by making this an experience. Then, make it a reality.

Are you not a fan of shows? You might be interested in other ways to bring people together. You could host a gig or a meetup, or even an online event that is live-streamed. It doesn’t matter what it is; consider what you would find exciting to be part of.

Give people a reason to be somewhere and then something to do

Seth Godin, a marketing genius, discusses this concept. This concept can be applied to any aspect of your music career. It can be used to fund a crowdfunding campaign for your next release or even the songwriting process. If you’re willing to give them a chance, there are many more people who want to be part of your journey.

My goal is to invite people to a place and give them something to enjoy. My best accomplishment was to create a Facebook group for musicians and industry professionals. I didn’t just create a group and pray for the best. I ensured that there was always something going on every day so people could participate.

This is possible regardless of whether you’re a member of a Facebook group or if you host a physical meetup. You will enrich the lives of those you love by giving them a reason for being there and then staying. In the process, you’ll build a loyal fan base.

Nurture your First Few Equals and See the Magic Spread

We all have something in common, and we all can learn from one another. If you give more than your audience expects, you can make your friends, fans, and followers feel that they are winning. You’ll win if they win. These people will be your lifeblood. These people will ensure that you continue to create music long into the future. It’s hard to do this all by yourself, but imagine if everyone in your circle was a part of your team. You can only use so much fuel if you have the support of others.

We are all in this together. Creating and rebuilding an industry does not have to be slow as it may seem.

Both the newbie and those who have been in the industry for 40+ years are so alike. We share similar life experiences, thoughts and desires. Each day brings us the same opportunities to move forward. The question is: Will you go it alone or build a movement to create the legacy you want?

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