This guide will show you how to simplify the drawing process. I hope you’ll be able to draw your favorite tree by the end.

It is essential to be accurate in drawing trees using pen and ink. Also, you need to know how to create illusions of brightness and transitions using pens.


We examine the basic shapes of any tree when we look at it.

It is a good idea first to draw simple shapes.

Once we understand these simple shapes, we can use our artistic license and knowledge to recreate them.

It is not worth drawing every leaf exactly as it appears 

 Bamboo pen drawing

Banana Tree

First, draw the leaves from various angles for large trees, such as a banana tree.

Make sure there is no symmetry and that each leaf is unique for a realistic result.

Markers can be used with pens; they are compatible with pens.

Olive Tree Trunk

Before you draw the tree trunk, take a look at reference images or actual trees.

To create the structure (form), first, draw some lines.

Next, add some guidelines and basic details.

The last step is texture drawing.

Concentrate primarily on the image’s brightness, but draw marks with direction and shape like the reference.

 Olive tree trunks pen drawing


Every olive tree trunk is unique, but all olive trees have the same basic shapes.

It is possible to create them with imagination and practice.

How to draw leaves

It cannot be easy to draw leaves. It is important to understand the structure of leaves and break down the drawing process into steps. This will help you produce real results.

Each leaf of a tree is different, and each one is different in direction.

Simply put, the form of leaves and their texture is abstract and messy.

This is why we should be free-hand and sketchy when drawing it. We also need to avoid patterns!

The next step is to pay attention to brightness values. That is how we create the illusion of volume. Meaning three-dimensional and not flat.

We scribble more lines to indicate darker values and fewer lines to indicate brighter values to create this illusion.

We also pay attention to leaf size, depending on the tree type and its distance from the observer.

We draw big marks on big leaves and vice versa for big leaves

While the treetop is messy, we add some indication of leaves type and size at its edges.

 Olive Tree pen drawing

It is easy to imagine a tree after you have understood its characteristics (olive trees in this instance).

You might be unfamiliar with terms such as foreshortening or overlapping. If so, you can read my article How to Draw with a Feel of Depth. This article demonstrates 15 ways to increase depth in your painting or drawing.

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