Are you wondering how to choose the right wedding music in sydney? While thinking about flowers and cakes, wedding destinations, vows, and other details, it is important to consider your ceremony timeline.

Music sets the tone and stirs emotions. It also shares a message with your guests. So choosing the right songs is crucial, as well as ensuring they are appropriate for the ceremony. These are our top tips to help you choose the right music.

The basics

What number of songs are needed for a wedding ceremony song? You have three major moments to choose music for: your processionals (one each) and the recessional. The song your partner chooses for the processional can also be the one to which the wedding party dances down the aisle. Or they could have their tune, just like you.

Make sure to check with your venue.

Talk to your officiant if you are having a wedding at a house of worship to find out if there are any restrictions on what songs you can use. You might find a list of traditional songs, often religious, at more conservative venues. Some venues will allow any music as long as it is not recorded. Progressives may be allowed, provided the officiant approves and reviews the music.

Take a look at your history.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together; there will always be a song, artist or genre of music you love. Do you have a favourite song you can belt out in your car? One that you dance to in the kitchen. One of you has heard a song that made you think about the other. Perhaps you were at a concert with an artist you love. These will all help you find a truly meaningful song.

Check out the lyrics.

Although it may seem obvious, you should read the lyrics before pressing “play” at your ceremony. Consider “Every Breath You Give” by The Police. This song is often heard at weddings, but Sting insists it’s about jealousy, obsession, and lost love. It’s not how you want your marriage to start.

You should ensure that the chosen songs tell the story you want your guests to hear. Also, be aware of any verses or lines that may upset feathers.

Select a theme

To give your processional songs more cohesiveness, you can choose a theme. This could include songs of the same type, songs with the same tempo, and songs from the same period. This will allow for a smoother flow between songs during the wedding process.

Consider the feeling you’re trying to create

You want your main feeling to be love, but do you prefer something more calm, subtle, upbeat, or something that guests won’t pick up on? Maybe an instrumental of the rap song you both love to dance to. You don’t have to choose a genre you’re unfamiliar with, especially if it’s an acoustic or instrumental version that will make your guests smile and nod along the aisle.

Make it a surprise

You and your partner can pick your processional songs and share them only after you are on the aisle. This will personalize your ceremony. You could choose a song that reflects your feelings about your partner. It could be a song they are familiar with that they would love to hear or one that evokes a special moment. Make sure to let your planner know which song you have chosen and that you have tissues handy.


Your recessional song should be up-tempo, fun, and ready to get the party going. You’ve just tied your knot. Choose a song to get you dancing down the aisle and have your guests sing along. You can also surprise your guests with a surprise. You can have anything, from a gospel choir singing “Oh Happy Day” through “Signed Sealed, Delivered It’m Yours,” by Stevie Wonder to Jay-Z’s “Crazy In Love” by Beyonce. Have fun.

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