It doesn’t matter if you’re a solo musician or a band member; it’s important to release musical projects you’ve been working on to get any exposure for your music. It can be tempting not to put much effort into an album or EP, even though singles and playlists are very popular in today’s musical world. These types of projects are crucial for any artist/band’s career. We’re here telling you. What type of projects should artists or bands work on next? You’re likely thinking the same thing if you’re here. What type of project can I benefit more from? EP or album?

First, let’s talk about the current music landscape and how it has changed dramatically due to new influences in how music can be distributed today.

The Current Musical Landscape (The Internet Era).

The internet is the one thing that has forever changed the music industry. It has changed the way people listen to music and consume media. Amazingly, we have so much access to music these days. Artists, musicians, and other content creators have many options to help them advance their creative careers. They must be online to get any attention for their work.

There are many ways to distribute your music worldwide, which means endless opportunities for music industry success. There are many options for artists and bands to expand their music careers via online streaming services and social media platforms.

What kind of content/projects are most effective in today’s musical landscape?

The more, the better

The internet is a fast-paced environment. You have to be as creative as possible to get noticed. Singles and playlists are popular choices for artists and bands.

Compared to creating albums and EPs, it’s much easier to create singles or put together a playlist. Artists and bands can put out more content on their platforms. While albums and EPs take longer to make and put out, some artists can be a problem.

Why Albums and EPs Still Matter

Albums and EPs are larger projects that allow artists and bands to share their creative thoughts with their fans and listeners. These projects reveal more about an artist or band than any online playlist. These projects are also great tools for marketing their music.

We now have a better understanding of why EPs and albums are still so important in today’s music landscape. Let us move on to the next question. What are the differences?

Album vs. EP

EP (Extended Play).

An EP is also known as a record or CD. It has three to six tracks, half of the songs found in a traditional album. Extended Play is sometimes confused with LPs (Long-playing records) which are identical but last longer. However, keep in mind that extended Play is “an extended single.”

EPs can be a great way to get a glimpse at the type of music that an artist or band is producing, at least for the moment. It’s a glimpse of the potential of an artist or band to produce music. These are less costly to produce than full albums. They also require less time, money, and emotional investment. They are also great for bands and artists to experiment with new ideas and try new things.


An LP is a long-playing CD or record. Full-length albums are more common than EPs. However, Albums show more of the creative potential of an artist.

Albums of full length do a better job conveying the creativity and passion of artists and bands. They are also more serious when it comes down to the music industry. When fans think of their favorite band or artist, they often think about the albums they made before their EPs. This is not always true, but it’s what happens most of the time.

A full-length album goes beyond a collection of songs. You create an experience for the listener. It’s like inviting your listeners into your life so that they can see where you are coming from.

Which project should you be working on?

Your Music Career: Where are You?

Before you decide whether to release an EP or an album, it is important to assess your current position in your career. These types of projects require more resources and time. You might be just starting with online music distribution. Instead of focusing on singles and playlists, you could focus your efforts on creating content and making it available. If you are still building your music collection, it would not be easy to create an album or EP. It would be best to establish an online presence with your music. This will increase the chances of your music being discovered and shared by important industry people.

EPs can be a great way to move on to a larger project. But if you feel ready, don’t let anyone stop you from making an album.

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