After creating a music website, you will want to add more content that engages your fans.

A blog is a great way to entertain fans and other musicians. It will also help your website’s SEO if it’s regularly updated and added to with amazing content.

Blog posts about ideas and events can help you build a relationship and originally promote your music. Journalists may find it a great place to get to know you better before appearing in a podcast interview or magazine.

You may be asking, “What should musicians blog about?” Let’s look at some interesting topics that can spark conversation between the industry and fans.

  1. Behind the lyrics

A story is the foundation of every great song. Your song can be based on personal experience, current events or an issue that you are deeply involved in. Let your fans know why they are singing it or how they feel about it.

If you are creating an instrumental track, explain the emotions that you wanted to convey with your subtle chord progressions and rhythms. It might be easier to understand lyrics than it is to explain why you made the track.

  1. Upcoming shows

Blog posts about your gigs can be a great way for you to share information about the venue and the artists playing. It doesn’t matter if you’re opening the show or headlining it. Shining a spotlight on the musicians is a great way of attracting people; if you are playing in an unusual or historic venue, blog about it.

  1. Music that inspires

It doesn’t matter if it’s a local band or pals you met on tour; it’s great to let your fans know what inspires your music. You may have a different taste in music than your own. You might surprise your fans by what you listen to. It may inspire you or help you let loose after a long writing session.

  1. Film and fiction

Tell your fans if you have any other creatives that inspire you or are a huge movie buff. Bonus points for films with a great soundtrack or novel that inspire you to write better lyrics.

  1. Gear talk

Are you looking for single-coil or humbuckers? Tremolo bar or pedal? Share your secrets with your fans! Although you don’t need to reveal all your secrets, posting about your gear could lead to gigs if your goal is to perform with other musicians, teach rockers or record future artists.

A blog post can be a great way to show off your home recording equipment. Even the most experienced musicians can find recording gear difficult to navigate. Your recommendations and journey might inspire other musicians.

  1. Tour diary

It is common to ask for a place where you can crash after the first song. The best part about being a musician is the opportunity to connect with other musicians, find new fans and share the hilarious inside jokes that you and your band have.

A tour diary lets your fans know about your experiences on the road. You can share your daily updates on a dedicated blog or include your tour diary with your regular posts. These posts will give you a glimpse into the life of a musician.

  1. Merch releases

Band t-shirts are very popular and can be paired with many accessories. Blog posts are a great way to let your fans know if you plan to release new designs or restock a product. For direct-to-fan sales, you can link to your store page!

  1. Crowdfunding

If you have a crowdfunding setup for a new project or a new release, your blog can be used to inform your fans. You might be offering autographed prints, limited edition merchandise, or a mixtape to fans who contribute a certain amount to your campaign. You can add all details in just a few posts.

This is a great opportunity to inform your fans about the progress of your campaign and the music being produced as a result. Crowdfunding is a community effort. So get the community involved with your blog posts.

  1. An issue you care about

Musicians are a powerful voice. Use yours to speak out about important issues in your area, your country, and around the globe. Fans who are directly affected will appreciate the opportunity to be heard and seen by an artist they admire. This could spark a dialogue with your fans and encourage them to act. 

You can take your music website to the next step by posting posts that allow your fans into the inner workings of your creative mind. A blog can be dedicated to a single topic, or you can mix and match topics as life happens. A blog feature can be added to your website. This creates a space for your thoughts that is useful when social media timelines may not be as flexible.

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