Musicians who want to build their careers must leap by creating and sharing music to perform live in front of an audience. It’s not easy to go from your bedroom or rehearsal room to perform on the stage. It takes time and a lot of trial and error to transition to the world of live performance. It’s an important pursuit whether performing arts becomes your primary income or a side gig. High school juniors and seniors worldwide are submitting college applications, wondering if performance-based careers are practical or not. 

A mixture of skills and experience is necessary to gain traction, and sometimes that includes trade schools or colleges. So, as you’re contemplating options for life after high school…

Here are five low-pressure options for you to look at if you don’t know where to start building your live performance skills.

Open mic nights

Open mic nights are something that many musicians shun. Open mic nights are a great way to get started. Many musicians find that they can do this in local coffee shops, restaurants and bars. These performances offer musicians the opportunity to perform in a relaxed environment with local musicians.

Evening shows at local venues on weekdays.

It’s unlikely that you’ll be offered an opening slot at a local weekend concert. It’s more likely to get results if you ask for something smaller, such as opening for a local band on Sunday. Although these shows are usually sparsely attended by the public, you will be invited back to perform at larger shows if you have a good crowd and a great performance.

Shows in the House

House shows can be more lucrative and creatively satisfying than venues for artists, even though they are established and successful. House shows offer new artists incredible opportunities to improve their performance and connect with their fans, thanks to the attentive audience and minimal stage setups.

Volunteering in the Community

You need to have performance experience, and your local community is in dire need of musicians. Although it might not always work out, it is possible to be a good match. Volunteering locally can be a great way to build a strong musical foundation, whether by cheering on elderly residents or entertaining children at the local library.


Although street music can be difficult, it offers rewards such as performance experience and possibly a bit of cash. You’ll do well in a real venue setting if you can win people over with your music. You can’t simply set up shop in public places and perform. You may need permission or permits depending on where you live. It would be best if you did not play close to any busking musicians. Although it might not be a great opportunity to perform, some musicians make a living from busking.

You can still make any of these suggestions if you are afraid. It takes courage to perform in front of people. This can take some time. You must take advantage of every opportunity to perform if you want your music to be heard.

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