As people look for peace and joy through music, guitars have increased interest since last year. LA-based guitarist instructor Jensen Trani noticed a spike in traffic to his YouTube videos and increased students signing up for private lessons. Trani believes that teaching students to play the guitar is an enjoyable and therapeutic experience.

Learning the basics of the guitar can bring you joy and calm. Before you can learn the fundamentals of playing the guitar, it is important to start with the first lesson: selecting the right guitar for you. It often comes down to choosing between an acoustic or an electric guitar.

This guide will help you choose the right one for you. It includes important considerations:

Ease and affordability

An easier option for beginners is an acoustic guitar. They are also more affordable than electric guitars and easier to use. The sound is amplified through the entire guitar’s body, so you don’t need extra tools to get the instrument working.

However, electric guitars require more work before they can be used. How Stuff Works’ section on electric guitars states that an instrument can only produce sound if it has sent electronic signals to an amplifier and speaker. The amp is an additional expense and subject that you will need to learn and your electric guitar. You will also need to be familiar with effect pedals, pickups and other peripherals to create the sound you want.

Comfort and Playability

Although they are easier to use, acoustic guitars can be more difficult for beginners. Acoustic guitar necks can also be more difficult to grasp for beginners and those with smaller hands. You will get used to these things, but Guitar Station’s guide to guitar sizes suggests it might be worthwhile to invest in guitars such as the Earth 50 OP. It was designed to have a smaller body and scale. A popular small-sized guitar is the Yamaha JR1 FG, a 21.25-inch scale.

Because electric guitars make sound through an external amplifier, they are less bulky. Electric guitars have thinner necks, so beginners can easily wrap their hands around them and move through the frets. Although this electric instrument is heavier than the acoustic, Adorama’s range of electric guitars shows lighter options, such as the Squier Affinity Telecaster. Ibanez S670QM is also lightweight but still can play music more than heavier guitars.


The type of music you are interested in playing is also a key factor when choosing a guitar. Acoustic guitars are great for bluegrass, blues and country music. On the other hand, a solid-body electric guitar will sound great for country, rock, and pop songs. A hollow-body electric guitar is best for jazz fans.

It is crucial to choose the right guitar for you. Before you make a purchase, consider your preferences and comfort before beginning your journey. Once you’ve found the right instrument for you, go to Musicnotes to download guitar tab sheet music to get started!

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