Concentrated on a specific niche

One of the most valuable pieces of advice I can offer to anyone looking to grow on TikTok is narrowing your niche to specific topics. It took me a few months to find the niche that worked for me. This niche is anime and “Weeb Culture”. Once I discovered that this content was effective for me, I established myself in this TikTok community.

As a musician and artist trying TikTok as a platform to share my music, I had to ensure that I kept my niche in mind while slowly introducing my fans to my musical side. This article will explain how I do it in greater detail.

Post Consistently (3-5 postings per day).

You must upload content regularly if you want to be successful on TikTok. Just starting on the app 3 to 5 per week is a good goal for creators. Many TikTok experts recommend posting as many posts as possible every day (10+ posts). This can be exhausting and discouraging, especially those who don’t yet have a following.

Fun Skits

Do you have a humorous side? You can make skits and then film them for TikTok. Many of these skits can be made using the trending hashtags that appear every day on TikTok. Even music can be fun! You can create something with funny lyrics that relate to specific topics. This is a great way to reach a specific audience and still create content that everyone can enjoy.

Be original

The most important thing is to be original. You can’t get inspiration from other content creators. But, you should still be original. People care about authentic creators in the end. They can tell a mile away when they aren’t.

Understanding the TikTok algorithm

You must tailor your posts to the TikTok Algorithm if you want to succeed with the app. It is important to know what content works best on this platform. You will see more of your videos on the FYP if you work with the algorithm. This will result in more engagement and more followers.

Keep up to date with Algorithm Changes.

While this requires extra effort, it is worth it. However, it would be best to always be up to date with any algorithm changes. Many content creators on TikTok, and YouTube, specialize in discussing changes in the TikTok algorithm. I was able to keep up with the game by watching their videos as they uploaded them.

Improve the quality of my content

In the past few months with TikTok, I’ve learned that quality is not as important as the quality of the video. Videos that are created directly on the app often perform better. Remember that content that is natively TikTok will perform best on the app.

This app is used to view TikToks. Make sure that your content fits the part. You can also experiment with your videos to see what works.

Always strive to improve your content. Quality content does not always require a lot of editing or expensive equipment. To help artists and musicians grow on TikTok, here are some items that I highly recommend.

TikTok is LIVE!

Engaging with your followers and going live is one of the most important things to grow on TikTok. Artists and musicians who want to use TikTok for their career growth should do this. It’s also important to know that live videos can see an increase in engagement.

Bonus Tip: Get to know others

This is probably the most important thing that people forget when increasing their social media presence on any platform. Engage with other users and content creators. TikTok can be used as a social media platform. Don’t forget to socialize. You can comment on other TikTokers’ posts, or you can reply to their comments. Make an effort to interact with TikTokers.

This gives you the chance to build relationships with them.

TikTok Artists & Musicians

It was formerly known as TikTok is where content creators from all genres can showcase their ideas and talents. You will also find people filming TikTok dancing in public. I noticed that the app has been attracting more artists, musicians, and singers.

What is your goal with TikTok?

TikTok is not like YouTube, where content creators can earn money by placing advertisements on their videos. However, TikTok does offer a way for creators to make money on the app. Although there are some ways to make money through the app, such as going live and getting gifts or sponsorships from brands, they aren’t always the most reliable, especially if you have a smaller account.

Upload your music and sounds

TikTok allows musicians and artists who have their original music and sounds to be uploaded. You can do this through music distributors such as Distrokid. TikTok will be listed as an option to upload your track online. When you upload your music to TikTok, a 60-second clip of your song will be available.

Last Thoughts

TikTok allows musicians and artists to connect with new people and grow their fan base. Last but not least, never stop trying. Keep uploading! When you start your TikToks, you might not get many views. Keep putting in the work and following the advice in this article to improve your content. You might be the one who makes your post go viral. So don’t stop uploading. Last but not least: Be yourself. Real people will be followed.

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