Since the dawn of time, music has been a part of our lives. Music has been an integral part of society’s emotional makeup since then. We can all recall times when a favourite song made our day brighter. Many young people spend hours listening to music every day.

Is there any point in all this music? What is the point of all that music? And how can it help us? Continue reading to learn more.

How music affects the brain

It might surprise you to know that music can hugely affect our bodies and brains. Every human being on the planet can be activated by music. The effect is so obvious that neuromusicology has been created to study the effects of music on our nervous systems.

Scientists discovered the following physical and mental differences in professional musicians’ brains after studying their brains:

  • Musicians have more neural connections and a bigger brain.
  • Musicians have a better working and auditory memory and better spatial coordination, cognitive flexibility, motor control, motor control, and spatial coordination.
  • Musicians have a greater corpus callosum, the bundle of nerve fibres that allows left and right brains to communicate. The corpus callosum measures how well musicians communicate with each other.

Scientists have found that music stimulates brain activity using MRI scans. This is the brain area responsible for emotion. This means that your brain releases chemicals that can make you more optimistic when listening to music you like. Even patients with advanced neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s can respond positively to music. They often move around and sing along. This is significant because late-stage neurological patients often are completely unresponsive.

Even non-professional musicians listen to an average of 32 hours per week. This is a lot of time to reap the tangible mental and psychological benefits.

Why you should listen to music

Music listening has many benefits. Let’s look at some of the top reasons to listen to music.

Music can improve mood. 

Both playing and listening to music reduces the stress hormone cortisol. Music can improve your sleep quality and mental alertness. This will make you feel happier throughout the day. Music can help you communicate better by stimulating brain regions responsible for understanding and generating language. Music can be a great way to increase your happiness and strengthen relationships with others.

Music can increase brain chemicals that feel good. 

Music stimulates brain chemicals like dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin. This can have several benefits. Endorphins, brain chemicals that reduce pain perception and make you feel good, are an example of this. Music can help you manage pain. The increase in dopamine or oxytocin can also help you feel more motivated, have more fun, and be more generous.

Music can improve creativity and productivity. Background music has been scientifically shown to improve cognitive performance, work accuracy, and help people complete repetitive tasks more efficiently. You might find yourself singing along while you do the dishes or sweep the floors. You may find that chores are completed faster if you do this.

Music can be especially beneficial for seniors.

 It can help prevent memory problems and cognitive decline better than other hobbies. Patients with anxiety, depression and chronic pain can benefit from music. It can improve mental flexibility and quality of life. Music can help you relax and reduce confusion before and after surgery. You can even increase your immune system with music!

It doesn’t matter your age, and music can be a great way to express your feelings. Grab your old cassette tapes, CDs, and records. You can subscribe to unlimited streaming music services like Spotify and Apple Music. Ask your grandkids and kids what music they listen to and build a relationship with them through your shared passion for music. Your brain will be grateful.

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