Are you one of the many adults who are eager to learn or re-learn the piano? Congratulations! You don’t have to be an expert pianist to start playing the piano.

Piano playing is a great hobby anyone can enjoy for a lifetime.

It can be difficult to find the right music to learn piano when you first start. Some music may seem too easy while others are too difficult. Some music may seem dull, while others might feel impossible to reach.

There are many music options available for adults. It can be overwhelming to find the right music to motivate you and help you learn how to play the piano.

These are some tips to help you when you explore music to learn.

Do not use books for children.

It is easy to find books that teach piano techniques for children if you go to your local music shop or look online. Books for adults, however, are less common.

You don’t need to read a book meant for children if you are an adult. Many other books can be used to suit your needs better.

There may be books in your home that your grandkids or children use. It might be fun to learn with your children, but it is better to spend your time using material designed for adults.

Adults can think differently about music and manage their time differently, so it’s not logical to use the same tools as children.

Use different books than you did as a child.

Like the previous example, if your piano books are still intact from when you were a child, you may find something better.

Learning is a constant process. Teaching music is a dynamic process. But, more importantly, your teaching methods have evolved.

While there is still some value in those old books, finding new music will be more motivating than learning the same thing you learned years ago.

Find a music style that motivates and helps you to evaluate your goals.

Music is such an expansive field. There are many ways to learn music. Many of the older piano methods taught students to understand music using traditional music.

But, it’s not the only way you can learn music. It may not be the best or most efficient.

You might find it difficult to master skills like improvisation, jazz playing, or reading chord charts.

Many resources can help you achieve your musical goals. Take some time to find out what you want.

Be flexible and open to adapting your music to other genres.

Although it can be tempting to try different styles and approaches to music, you will be more successful if you stick to one approach.

Although it might seem cumbersome to go through music that is too simple, try to focus on the skills you are learning through the music.

You can transfer your knowledge to other musical instruments if you follow your preferred method. This will allow you to see the importance of learning the basics early on.

You can try multiple methods to find the right one for you.

You don’t have to read every book, but it is okay to look at different approaches and compare them before finding the one that works for you. Don’t get discouraged if you feel that your music is not right.

Don’t assume you don’t enjoy your music or are not suited to learning music. This is a common myth among adult learners who find that learning music does not satisfy them as they envisioned.

Instead, continue to search and remain focused on why you chose to learn the piano.

Be open to learning simple music.

It can be difficult to learn music. You have to be committed to learning music.

Keep learning even in the most difficult stages. It is common to reason certain topics and skills are presented at specific times. As you learn more complex music, this will help you succeed.

Master skills, not songs

Many people get inspired to learn piano by certain songs or pieces they love. You must keep your eyes on the prize but not jump into difficult music early in your music studies.

Trusting the process is key. It’s also important to learn skills that can help you approach difficult music. Spend your time learning new techniques and not just one piece of music.

Look for arrangers who are also teachers.

Many composers are creating music for adult learners.

You’ll find many results online when searching for music. It can be difficult to determine if these are good arrangements.

Instead, look for music that teachers arrange. These arrangers will be mindful of what skills you have or should learn. The music they create is accessible to learners and retains artistry and style.

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